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We are a small jewellery business that designs and crafts our pieces from the workshop in the ancient fishing village of Newlyn. Our small team is made up of Justin Duance, John O’Mahony and Chloe Williams. If you call you will speak to one of us.

After finishing his degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art in London, 2000, Justin started his own jewellery business. He soon found that the cost of living in London was too high to start a small business in designing and making contemporary jewellery and so moved back to Cornwall and gradually built up the workshop and business to where it is today.

We moved to Newlyn from the old workshop which we shared with Justin’s partner Poppy Treffry, a successful textiles designer, and we now have the space to expand our range to include silver watches.

Who are we?

Head Honcho - Justin
Founder and creator of the brand, Justin has made a huge success of the business. He is the company director, new product designer, web designer, search engine optimiser, product tester, equipment inventor, caster, commission taker, risk taker, all round problem solver and resident watch smith. All that and he's also a really laid back surfer from Penzance. Usually seen fiddling with watch parts, melting gold or developing new products.

Stone Setter Extraordinaire  - John
John has worked for Justin for over ten years learning the tricks of the trade. He's the sorcerer's apprentice. He's the man who puts all the bling in our rings. He is also the gate keeper of our most closely guarded secret - How do we put the wood in our products? John is most often found at his bench in the workshop, working out new ways to improve the making of our jewellery whilst having at least three different stages of making several different rings on the go.

Workshop Angel - Chloe
A jewellery designer in her own right, Chloe brings a degree in Art with solid jewellery making experience to the table. She is at the heart of the alchemy of what we do, helping to keep the system working like a well oiled machine. From blank to finished product, Chloe can lend herself to any area of the making process and is usually found at her bench burning her fingers polishing rings or with a file in hand carefully shaping and refining pieces.

The Jewellery Workshop

As with most workshops it gets very hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. We have four jewellery benches and a small casting set up. Because we work a lot with wood, we have some unusual tools for a jewellery workshop including a band saw.

Justin’s silver and gold contemporary jewellery is deeply influenced by the surrounding countryside and ocean. He is especially fascinated by the way they engage with each other, constantly conflicting, whilst paradoxically achieving a harmonic balance. Recently he has expanded our collections to include a new variety of metals we can make our products in; we now use platinum, palladium and titanium as well as the traditional silver and gold.

The jewellery that Justin produces shows the contrast between the textures of the land and sea. He does this by combining wood with precious metals to give the piece an elemental feel, or by texturing the metal in a way that creates a feeling of organic movement. This culminates in a collection of contemporary jewellery, which change with wear in much the same way as the sea shapes the coastlines of Cornwall.

Contemporary Silver Jewellery
Justin Duance designs and creates his contemporary jewellery using a stylishly understated combination of silver or gold and non-precious materials, such as wood and resin.  The wood in Justin’s gold and silver contemporary jewellery will change over time and with wear making each piece entirely unique and personal to the wearer. Each piece is hallmarked and stamped with his makers mark, so you can be sure of the content, purity and quality of the gold and silver involved.

Purchasing or Commissioning a piece, online or in a gallery?
You can order any of the contemporary jewellery on this website, so if there’s a piece of hand crafted jewellery that you like, just click to order. Or, if you would prefer to discuss your needs or size, Justin or one of the team will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

If you would like to commission a piece of gold or silver jewellery of any type and alternative style, or, if you would like to purchase a piece using your own ideas, or discuss a possible design, contact Justin.

Justin’s contemporary jewellery is available in many galleries throughout the UK. If you would like to see his pieces on show in a gallery, click on the gallery page.