A Peek Behind the Scenes of our Cornish Jewellery Workshop

In 2015 we moved from our Newlyn net loft workshop to a newly converted old pumphouse. Nestled amongst trees near Trengwainton Gardens, our pumphouse used to provide water for Penzance. Fast forward a few decades and here we are sending handmade jewellery across the globe.

We regularly have visits to the workshop from customers who have travelled from around the world, looking for something a little different. For this we will always feel grateful and humbled.

However not everyone can come to see us in person – So it’s great to be able to share a few of these behind the scenes snaps captured by Farwood Photography.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by our team of skilled craftspeople, all trained in Justin’s techniques. We are like a big family working and learning together. While the jewellery designs are Justin’s, everyone chips in ideas here and there.

We use sand that customers have brought from their travels or favourite beach to make truly unique sandcast rings. Knowing that the ring you are making holds so much meaning to the person who will receive it is very fulfilling. We have inlaid rings with oak from an old Dartmoor post, fitted by the groom’s grandfather 70 years ago and been hand delivered sand by a wedding planner from Bedruthan Hotel in time for the wedding.

Customers are welcome to visit the workshop by appointment and be a part of the design process including using their own heirloom metal, beach sand or wood.

P.S. ‘Trengwainton’ means House of Springs in Cornish, isn’t that lovely?