As you can see from our Commissions Gallery, we have made many unique and unusual pieces. We can make almost any type of jewellery so feel free to contact us with your idea, no matter how big or small.

You can order any of the contemporary jewellery on this website, so if there’s a piece of hand crafted jewellery that you like, just click to order. If you would prefer to discuss your needs or size, then we will be more than happy to go through any details with you – we are able to alter any of our standard designs to match your ideas or requirements.

How to commission rings and wedding rings

Below is a list of advice and factors that should be taken into consideration when you are commissioning a piece of jewellery. Mostly though, we want you to know that we are happy to re-use any old jewellery you have and up-cycle it into a new and innovative design – either one of our standard collection designs on the website, or with your own twist or inspiration. If we are supplied with enough metal to make the whole piece this can reduce the final price of the commission.

We are also able to re-set old gemstones or use your own wood to inlay with; please see our Wood Types and Gemstones pages for further information on the requirements and advice regarding this.

If you wish to commission a ring you can make a start by working through the following tasks:

The width of the band
The shape of the band
The choice of metal
The width of the inlay or texture
The position of the inlay or texture 

You can find out more information about the different metal colours and properties on our Metals page.

Our prices are dependent on the current fluctuation of metals prices, and the techniques and processes that are involved in the creation of the final design. Some of the techniques we use such as sandcasting are fairly quick and easy for us to do, therefore the prices of our sandcast pieces can be relatively low even in a more expensive metal. The complexity of the design can add to the overall price of the piece though we will always try and work out the most cost effective solution.

A factor it’s advisable to take into consideration when choosing a metal for a ring is your lifestyle – if you are often involved with manual labour, a softer metal isn’t an advisable choice as it will be more easily damaged/misshaped and show signs of wear more strongly.

If you decide to commission one of our contemporary jewellery designs in anything other than silver we can send you a silver sample of the piece (which may not be in your size), along with a metal sizer to make sure that you are happy with the design and size.

Ring shapes/profiles

We make our rings in four profiles; D shape, Comfort, Flat comfort and Flat.

  • D Shape

    D shaped profiles are flat on the inside and rounded on the outside. They provide a comfortable shape which sits close to the finger.

  • Comfort Fit

    Comfort profiles are also known as court profiles and are rounded on both the inside and outside, so there are no hard edges.

  • Flat Comfort

    Flat comfort rings are rounded on the inside and comfortable against the finger, but have a flat profile appearance on the outside.

  • Flat

    Flat profile rings are flat inside and outside, and give the appearance of a more substantial ring.

Ring widths

We calculate our ring widths in millimetres. We can make a ring of any width. Cutting out strips of paper or thin card to different widths and wrapping them around your finger can help give you an idea of how the design might look. You could also draw the inlay or texture on to the band.

Wherever possible, it’s always best to try on a ring in the width and profile the final design will be in to give you a good idea of how the finished piece will look and feel. We are happy to send a silver sample of the ring to help with this for a fully refundable deposit excluding the postage. Please see our Metals and Sizing page for further information on how the profile and width can affect the ring size you are.

Once you have an idea of what you want or have any questions please fill out the contact form on the Contact Page. If you know your ring size and the exact design let us know and we can email you a quote.