Metal colour examples:

Below are examples of the standard carats of gold and the other metals we work with.

We have often been required to mix two different colours or carats of gold when a client has supplied us with their own metal or old jewellery to use in the making of their bespoke piece. This often results in some very unique and beautiful colours such as a paler creamy yellow (which is achieved by mixing white and yellow gold) that aren’t available on other sites or from metal suppliers. However, this nearly always results in the piece having to be hallmarked as the lowest carat of metal that was used.

Polished silver

Polished silver

Polished palladium

Polished platinum

Polished platinum

Matt silver

Matt silver

Matt palladium

Matt palladium

Matt platinum

Matt platinum

Polished 18ct White Gold

Polished 18ct white gold

Polished 18ct Rose Gold

Polished 18ct red gold

Polished 18ct Yellow Gold

Polished 18ct yellow gold

Matt 18ct White Gold

Matt 18ct white gold

Matt 18ct Rose Gold

Matt 18ct red gold

Matt 18ct Yellow Gold

Matt 18ct yellow gold

Polished 9ct White Gold

Polished 9ct white gold

Polished 9ct_Rose_Gold

Polished 9ct red gold

Polished 9ct Yellow Gold

Polished 9ct yellow gold

Matt 9ct White Gold

Matt 9ct white gold

Matt 9ct_Rose_Gold

Matt 9ct red gold

Matt 9ct Yellow Gold

Matt 9ct yellow gold