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Justin Duance Jewellery – Brand Story

We create jewellery that means something to the owner. It’s more than aesthetics, there is an emotional connection as each piece has a story; either from the materials the piece is made from or the process in which it has been made.

Our jewellery is often given to mark a special occasion, a birth, a wedding, a big birthday. They are pieces that are treasured and worn every day. We want customers to feel connected and a part of our small team, as well as part of the process that created their piece.

Justin has never considered himself an artist. His mission has always been to create interesting contemporary jewellery at an affordable price, while providing jobs and keeping our small business sustainable without the constant need for expansion and profits.

Reducing our impact on the planet and people is also very important to us. It is our environmental and ethical responsibility to know where the materials we use come from – we focus on using fairly traded stones and recycled metals. This is something that needs constant attention as we educate ourselves about our processes, from the gold we use to our morning coffee.

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