Jana is another workshop-office hybrid. She is our packaging pro, carefully assembling every box and parcel and meticulously filling vials of teak oil. She also hand makes every single care pack we send out – right down to the wax seal stamped on the back of each one. Without her we’d be sending our gorgeous rings out in jiffy bags, and our whole postal system would grind to a halt. She is also a valuable member of the workshop team, where she’s learned the secretive methods of inlaying wood into our rings, and the art of sandcasting.  Last but not least, she’s been appointed as the guardian of our massive sand collection too!

Issy expertly handles all of our photography and website management – all the beautiful new products added to our website and shown on our Instagram or Facebook page will have been snapped and sorted by her. She’s the Post Master and every ring we make will pass through her hands last as she sends each one on the way to its owner. In a bizarre twist of fate, our old workshop in Newlyn is soon to be her new home, and she’s also working hard with the renovating and decorating required.

Helen is our wonderful book keeper and banker – she makes sure everything is running smoothly so we can carry on buying more precious metals and gemstones to make beautiful jewellery! She is also an excellent gig rower, and often competes in the world pilot gig rowing championships held at the Isles of Scilly. In 2017 her crew came 61st out of over 140 different gigs, and made it in to the local newspaper. Go Melusine!

Andy is our wood ring guru and has also made a name for himself as an excellent titanium carver; our textured titanium rings are all carefully crafted by him. He’s a dab hand at all workshop practises but specialises in wood inlay pieces as these are close to his heart – in early 2017 he bought some land and planted over a thousand trees native to Cornwall and the UK on it to replenish the natural woodland and wildlife that mankind has diminished.

Jamila is a workshop-office hybrid; she’s been especially trained in the secrets of how we put the wood in our rings, and has also mastered the art of sandcasting. She is commander of our Etsy shop and in charge of all our social media – if you’re our friend on Facebook or a follower on Instagram, all the cool snippets of workshop life and exciting new designs will have been shared by her.